Radiation exposure occurs on a daily basis, and it is a part of visiting the dentist, particularly when you are having X-rays taken. However, our team at Canyon Creek Dental cares about your health, and we want your radiation exposure to be as minimal and controlled as possible. To do this, we utilize advanced technology to give you and your family added protection. If you are interested in learning more about our radiation therapy in Billings, Montana, give us a call at 406-248-7172 and set up your appointment with Dr. Mckay Pearson or Dr. James Luderitz.

We are exposed to radiation on a daily basis. Granted, this exposure is miniscule, but it is there. When visiting the dentist, your X-rays involve a small amount of additional radiation exposure. While all of these exposures are controlled and minimal, excessive exposure can harm the body, especially the unprotected areas. To avoid this, our dentists use a radiation device that utilizes custom appliances to protect our patients who need to have radiation-heavy treatments.

Our radiation device works by isolating patients from the potential negative side effects of radiation. According to studies, oral conditions can develop from a radiation exposure, even if the exposure is not specifically localized to the head area. In order to protect sensitive areas such as the mouth, our dentists have created appliances that form a protective barrier between you and the radiation particles.

The soft tissue, teeth and bone in the mouth, head and neck areas are extremely important to protect. Not only are these areas extremely sensitive to the effects of radiation exposure but their health can affect your overall systemic health. By protecting your mouth, we can protect your body. If you would like to learn more about how our radiation therapy works, please feel free to contact our practice. We are here to help you receive the safest treatment possible.


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